The main secret of high - quality shooting !

Everyone wants their video to be of the highest quality possible to capture every aspect of their content perfectly.
Why is it then that many videos are far from the quality we’d really like to see? The secret to shooting a Perfect Video is in CAMERA.
Now, there’s a unique opportunity to capture your subject in crisp, clear resolution - and in 360 degrees - with perfect results every time.
The all-new TTcam provides a smooth, continuous system of unique removable modules allowing the camera to be used in virtually any conditions and under any circumstances:
Whether you’re shooting a fast action sports game - or capturing perfect images and footage for security surveillance at home or at work, this unique system gives you the results you want.

With TTcam you will never miss
a single valuable image.

For professional camera operators, in commercial application, where panoramic shots are the required, the 360-degree images are remarkable and provide a unique viewer experience.
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The Results of shooting with TTcam

With High-quality image stabilization, 4K resolution, simultaneous recording function from all lenses, and unique preset settings - breathtaking shooting,
regardless of the operator’s skills, is guaranteed.

TTcam: The entire world in one frame… get yours NOW!

TTcam comes with a One Year parts and labour warranty.
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Rate 60 fps - 240 fps.
Image Stabilization
Dust-Moisture Protection
Shock-Resistant Enclosure


Format 4K Optional
Complete Overview 360°
Panoramic 3D Sound
Multiplex Mode


Resolution 48 MP
Mode of Time-Lapse
Auto White Balance
Noise Suppression


Infrared Lights
Motion Sensor
IP-address Control


4G LTE Stream
Cloud Storage
Micro SD up to 128GB
Direct Recording HD


Autostart Entries
Shooting Fragments
Loop Recording
Time and Date Stamps