Entrance to the bridge across the Volga river in Astrakhan city, Russia

The "Novy Bridge" spanning the majestic Volga River in Astrakhan is an architectural marvel and a vital link between two bustling districts. As you approach the bridge from one side of the river, you find yourself on Magistralnaya Street, while on the other side, you enter via Henri Barbuse Street.
The history of the Novy Bridge is as fascinating as its engineering feat. Constructed in the early 21st century, it was designed to replace an older bridge and accommodate the growing traffic demands of Astrakhan. The design of the Novy Bridge showcases modern engineering techniques, with its sleek lines, sturdy pillars, and expansive span.
Crossing the Novy Bridge offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Volga River and the surrounding landscape. The webcam captures the bustling activity on the bridge, showcasing the flow of vehicles and pedestrians traversing this vital link.
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