Beach and jetty in the resort town of Bensersiel, Germany

Bensersiel is a charming little port town situated on the mouth of the river Harle in Germany. The town boasts a beautiful beach, which attracts visitors. The river Harle flows into the North Sea, and its calm waters are perfect for boating, fishing, and swimming.

Bensersiel is also located in close proximity to the Benser Tief, a protected nature reserve in Germany. The name Bensertal means "Benser Valley" in German, and Tief means "deep" or "lowland". The Benser Tief was declared a protected area in 1972, and since then, active work has been undertaken to preserve and protect its unique flora and fauna.One of the highlights of Bensersiel is its picturesque marina, Jachthafen Bensersiel. The webcam situated in the area captures the natural beauty of those surroundings.
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