Exit of the Nord-Ostsee canal in Brunsbuttel town, Germany


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The Nord-Ostsee Canal, also known as the Kiel Canal, is an important shipping route in northern Germany that connects the North Sea to the Baltic Sea. The canal stretches over 100 kilometers and is used by thousands of ships each year. The town of Brunsbuttel is located at the western end of the canal and is an important port for both cargo and passenger ships. It was originally built in the late 19th century as a way to avoid the long and dangerous trip around the Jutland Peninsula. Today, the canal continues to be a vital transportation route for goods and people, with over 30,000 ships passing through each year.

For those who are interested in watching the ships pass by, there is an online camera that offers a live stream of the Nord-Ostsee Canal in Brunsbuttel. The camera provides a unique view of the canal, allowing viewers to see the various ships and boats that travel through the waterway.


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