Museum harbor in Busum resort town, Germany


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The Museum Harbor in Busum is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the maritime history of Germany. Located in the resort town of Busum, the harbor is home to an impressive collection of historic ships and boats, each with its unique story to tell. From traditional fishing boats to elegant sailing ships, the museum harbor showcases the variety of vessels that have plied the waters of the North Sea.

It is not just a static display of old boats. The ships and boats are lovingly maintained by the museum staff, and some are still seaworthy and occasionally take to the water. Visitors to the harbor can even take a ride on some of the vessels, experiencing the thrill of sailing on the open sea as generations of seafarers have done before them. To get a taste of the action at the Museum Harbor, visitors can check out the panoramic webcam that offers a live view of the harbor and the ships moored there.


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