Oceanarium Aquatika in Karlovac city, Croatia

The Oceanarium Aquatika in Karlovac city is a must-see attraction for anyone interested in marine life. With over 60 different tanks and exhibits, visitors can explore a diverse range of underwater habitats and species.

The Oceanarium also has a number of different impressive exhibits. The coral reef exhibit is particularly beautiful, showcasing a wide variety of colorful fish and vibrant coral formations. Visitors can also check out the jellyfish exhibit, which features several different species of these mesmerizing creatures. One of the most popular exhibits is the large shark tank, which is home to several different species of these fascinating predators.
For those who want to learn more about marine life, the Oceanarium offers a number of educational programs and workshops. These are designed for both children and adults, and cover topics ranging from ocean conservation to the biology and behavior of different sea creatures.
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