Pier and bay in the resort village of Drvenik, Croatia (cam #2)


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Drvenik is a resort village situated on the Adriatic coast, known for its picturesque pier and bay. The Live cam captures stunning views from both sides of the mountain, offering a unique perspective of the mountainous backdrop against the pier.
The pier in Drvenik serves as a focal point of the village, providing a setting for enjoying the surrounding natural beauty. Nearby, you'll find hiking trails that lead to scenic viewpoints, allowing you to soak in panoramic vistas of the Adriatic coastline. The village has ancient roots, with traces of Roman settlements and medieval structures still visible today.
In terms of amenities, Drvenik offers a range of accommodation options, including hotels and private rentals, ensuring a comfortable stay for visitors. The village is also home to numerous cafes, restaurants, and local shops where you can sample traditional Croatian cuisine and find unique souvenirs.


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