Brijuni National Park in Croatia


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Nestled along the picturesque Adriatic coast, Nacionalni park Brijuni (Brijuni National Park) stands as a true gem of natural and cultural heritage. This unique park, comprising a cluster of fourteen islands and islets, offers visitors a captivating blend of pristine landscapes, rich biodiversity, and significant historical sites. One of the highlights of Nacionalni park Brijuni is the meticulously manicured park zone, which serves as an enchanting oasis. The live camera captures the beauty of this well-tended area, showcasing the lush greenery, vibrant flower beds, and pathways that wind their way through the park. The camera also offers a glimpse of the park's coastline, where the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic meet sandy beaches, providing a perfect spot for relaxation and sunbathing.

The park's notable attractions is the preserved safari park, established in the mid-20th century. Furthermore, Brijuni National Park is renowned for its marine ecosystem, which is teeming with diverse marine life and boasts vibrant coral reefs. Explorers can partake in snorkeling and scuba diving adventures to discover the stunning underwater world and witness the beauty of the Adriatic Sea. To enhance the visitor experience, the park provides a range of amenities and services. There are guided tours available, allowing guests to delve deeper into the park's history, flora, and fauna.


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