Public Parking with a jetty in Vela Luka, Croatia


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Вela Luka, a picturesque coastal town located on the island of Korčula in Croatia, boasts a convenient public parking area near the harbor. This spacious parking lot provides easy access to the bustling waterfront and serves as a convenient starting point for exploring the area. The harbor itself is a vibrant hub of maritime activity, accommodating a variety of vessels, from fishing boats to leisure yachts. The live camera capturing the view of the road, parking area, and a glimpse of the bustling pier.

Vela Luka is also rich in history and cultural heritage. It dates back to ancient times and has been inhabited for thousands of years. The town's archaeological sites, such as the Vela Spila cave, provide a glimpse into its ancient past.
In the vicinity of the pier in Vela Luka, there are several attractions worth visiting. One of them is Osmine Square, located nearby. This picturesque square is surrounded by beautiful buildings and offers excellent opportunities for strolling and relaxing. Additionally, the Church of St. Joseph is another notable landmark in the area. Exploring these attractions near the pier will enrich your experience in Vela Luka.


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