Zebras at Ljubljana National Zoo, Slovenia


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Zebras are one of the most iconic animals in the African savanna, known for their distinctive black-and-white stripes. At the Ljubljana National Zoo in Slovenia, visitors can now get a closer look at these beautiful creatures.

The zebras at the Ljubljana National Zoo are plains zebras, also known as common zebras, which are the most widespread species of zebra. They are social animals and can be found in large herds in the wild, grazing on grasses and other vegetation. Zebras are also known for their unique black-and-white stripe patterns, which help to confuse predators and regulate body temperature.

Visitors can observe the zebras' daily activities through the online webcam, including their grazing, grooming, and interactions with other animals in the enclosure. The online webcam provides a great opportunity for those who cannot visit the zoo in person to experience these amazing animals from the comfort of their own homes.


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