Ski resort Sljeme, funicular station, Croatia


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Nestled in the beautiful Medvednica mountain range, Ski resort Sljeme offers an exciting winter getaway for skiing enthusiasts. The live camera is installed next to the lift station. The slopes and lifts are situated on the ridge and northern slopes of Medvednica. The trails start near the mountain's summit, smoothly extending along the peak ridge towards the east of White Meadow and descending steeply on the northern side of Red Slope. The ski resort boasts an impressive total trail length of approximately 4,000 meters.

The resort features three lifts, including two chairlifts on White and Green Slopes, as well as a three-person cable car on Red Slope, with a combined capacity of around 3,300 skiers per hour. What makes Ski resort Sljeme even more enticing is its lighting system, allowing for night skiing on Red Slope and White Meadow. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the slopes under the enchanting glow of the evening lights, adding a unique touch to their skiing adventures.
Apart from its recreational offerings, Ski resort Sljeme has been a renowned venue for skiing competitions at all levels for decades. It has hosted numerous events, including the prestigious FIS World Cup skiing race, attracting top athletes from around the world. The resort's infrastructure and expertly designed trails make it an ideal destination for both leisure skiers and professional racers alike.


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