Main square in Keszthely city, Hungary

The Main Square in Keszthely is a captivating focal point that embodies the rich history and charm of the city. Located in western Hungary, this vibrant square offers a glimpse into the past while bustling with modern activity. At the heart of the square stands the magnificent Our Lady of Hungary Church, a stunning architectural masterpiece that serves as a significant religious landmark.
The history of the Main Square dates back several centuries, tracing its origins to the medieval era. Over the years, it has witnessed numerous transformations, reflecting the architectural styles and influences of different periods.
Our Lady of Hungary Church, an exquisite structure, graces the Main Square with its presence. This historic church showcases a blend of architectural styles, including Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance elements. A live webcam captures the central part of the Main Square, providing a real-time view of its vibrant ambiance.
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