Beach in Miedzyzdroje town, Poland


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Miedzyzdroje, a charming coastal town in Poland, is home to a beach that stretches along the Baltic Sea, offering a truly captivating seaside experience. With its remarkable length of approximately 2 kilometers, this beach is a haven for beachgoers. The live cam, capturing the beach from a bird's-eye view, showcases its beauty and panoramic vistas.
One of the notable features of the town is its iconic pier, extending into the sea and providing a picturesque backdrop for leisurely strolls. The pier serves as a focal point for visitors, offering a delightful vantage point to observe the surrounding coastline and the waters of the Baltic Sea.
Miedzyzdroje is also renowned for its lush green surroundings, as it is nestled within the Wolin National Park. Furthermore, the town is known for its annual International Festival of Stars, a prominent event that attracts renowned artists and celebrities from the entertainment industry. The festival adds an extra touch of glamour and excitement to Miedzyzdroje, drawing visitors.


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