KC Zoo Penguin Chick Cam - Blizzard & Vortex Cam

KC Zoo Penguin Chick Cam - Blizzard & Vortex Cam


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Fast Facts:
Blizzard is the bigger of the two chicks, Vortex is the smaller one.
King penguin chicks typically fledge (leave their parents) at around 4 months old.
The chicks are starting to lose their long, brown down feathers and underneath will be waterproof feathers like the adults.
Once all the down feathers are gone they will be introduced into the exhibit with the rest of the penguins.
Once the chicks fledge (are weaned) from their parents they need to learn to eat from the keepers.
If you see the keepers in there looking like they are hugging the penguins and holding fish in front of their beaks this is part of the learning process. It typically does not take long before they are eating like the adults.

Visit Blizzard and the rest of the flock in Helzberg Penguin Plaza, where it’s always warm despite these arctic outdoor temperatures.


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